gruftistats is a program which reads your IRC logs and turns them into a web page. This has a mixture of statistics (like who talked most), and amusing facts (like who got kicked most). A sample output (for #doom on is here.


gruftistats is free software, under the GPL. You can download v0.2.2 (in source form) here.

It supports a variety of log formats already, and can be extended to support other log formats by writing a spec file discribing the format (must remember to write a description of how to do that...). If you have a log format that's not supported, file a bug report as described below, including a sample of the logs (preferably a link to the log, otherwise a small sample of nomal lines, kicks, parts, joins, topics will do).

For other help, or to discuss/suggest new features, post on the forums.


Feedback (ideas, patches, and in particular at this stage support for more log formats) is appreciated. Submit bug reports to the cool bug tracking system. Also check out some of the other cool sourceforge facilities at the sourceforge page for gruftistats. For instance you can get an email to notify you of new releases. Oh and give us a high rating :-).


Andy Kempling and Colin Phipps.

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